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Swanage Blues March '23 approaches and we have the great honour of appearing at The Legion in Swanage High Street on Friday 3rd and at the new town centre venue; The Showcase Bar at the Mowlem Theatre.

It's looking to be a great weekend!

Remember live music will only survive if people go to see it so please get out there and support your local venues and bands.


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We are a blues-rock band that has been in existence for over 20 years.

Nothing stays the same for ever though and we are sorry to say, one of our family band members has decided to retire from BlueTouch and move away to Devon. We wish our friend Neil all the best in his new chapter of life. He was a big part of the family and will be missed. 

We are pleased to introduce the latest members of our family; The marvellous Paul Tottman on rhythm and slide guitar and the power talents of Dave White on lead guitar.

"This entertaining band has a long musical heritage built up over the years, wrapping it all up in Blues Rock with a twist. They are heavy duty not lite!"

Blues in Britain Magazine


swanage article pic.png

A really great article that gets us a mention !

Swanage Blues is in the top 5 festivals in the UK Click on the image to read the full article and all about the great Steve Darrington

Dave1 .jpg

This is our show reel taken from a live performace at the Acoustic Couch Bracknell


Collectively as a band, they were so tight and regimented, with the perfect amount of groove to leave the audience just wanting more.

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The drums and bass were so conjoined, the only thing that was out of time was my jaw, when it kept hitting the ground. The groove they put down was so solid and tight it was hard not to believe there was not a recorded rhythm track.

Paul 1.jpg


The musicality of this band was truly outstanding - there was clearly a synergy and 'locking in' that one normally can only find on a recorded album.


We had so much fun making this video !

Info &


We have been rehearsing away in the new line-up and are so looking forward to our gigs at Swanage. 

We also were able to produce a video from our performance at The Acoustic Couch last year. The audio of which is taken direct from the PA desk.

Our version of the Elle King Song


Phone +44 7808 502848


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