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Slowly but surely ...

Well we have had some good gigs recently, the first Robert Johnson Show, went well (check out the pictures on the RJ page) and we have gigs starting to book for next year.


We are excited to confirm our appearance at the Lymm festival in 2022 (after two covid cancellations!) and we have a Robert Johnson show at the Bungay Theatre in June.


Remember live music will only survive if people go to see it so please get out there and support your local venues and bands.


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We are a four piece blue-rock band that has been in existence for over 15 years.

Ever trying to broaden our appeal and to try something new, we have developed a show titled "The Music of Robert Johnson", check out the separate page in the menu above.

This entertaining band has a long musical heritage built up over the years, wrapping it all up in Blues Rock with a twist. They are heavy duty not lite!

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This was recorded at, what turned out to be, our last rehearsal for a while.

Part of our Évening with Robert Johnson' show - Enjoy!


Collectively as a band, they were so tight and regimented, with the perfect amount of groove to leave the audience just wanting more.

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The drums and bass were so conjoined, the only thing that was out of time was my jaw, when it kept hitting the ground. The groove they put down was so solid and tight it was hard not to believe there was not a recorded rhythm track.


The musicality of this band was truly outstanding - there was clearly a synergy and 'locking in' that one normally can only find on a recorded album.


We had so much fun making this video !

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With a few gigs now scheduled we have been working hard to get gigs and have recently added a theatre booking next summer for our "Music of Robert Johnson". We are looking to find a few more gigs in East Anglia at that time so that we can have a "BlueTouch Go East!" tour. Additiionally we are chatting to organisers and are also hoping to confirm some festival and open air shows.


Of course Covid delayed the final work on our "Music of Robert Johnson" album; all tracks all done and the album artwork is complete. We are aiming for a release on 1 March 2022 


Live music, like many aspects of our World, has been hit by Covid so please, support local venues, bands and facilities. We are always on the lookout for gigs, so please get in touch if you have a venue to recommend; our only practical limits are time and distance !!

Our version of the Elle King Song


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